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06 / 04 / 2021

So. many. decisions! From light fixtures and locations, tiles and tile patterns, landscaping shrubs and lawn seed or sod, and then choosing paint colors! Decision fatigue is real. And it is exhausting.

Regardless, we've been happily, albeit tiredly, trucking along on our home and even happier to report that it's been jam-packed with activity!

In May and early June, we were busy with the following:

  • Had our septic installed

  • Electrical lines run

  • Mechanical ducting through the house

  • Gas lines run

  • Plumbing lines ran and tested

  • Interior insulation installed

  • AND we started installing siding on the home's exterior.

  • Phew.

Jason (now a man of even more trades) jumped in and learned the ins and outs of testing and running our gas lines. Jason also learned the true meaning of dedicated circuits, wire gauges, pulling wire, home runs, and fishing wire through steel walls with the help of our fantastic electricians. Jason installed our mini-splits and pulled the damn refrigerant lines himself. Plus, our neighbor helped us dig trenches.

We scheduled a series of inspections within a few days of each other before adding bat insulation to the home's interior and atrium walls, leaving us mere hours to fix the few noted corrections from inspectors. We only gave ourselves 24 hours to turn around and install our interior insulation before our insulation inspection. The worst part was installing bat insulation in 85+ degrees heat. It. was. so. itchy!

We've had tremendous (free) help from our new neighbors, good friends, and parents, for which we will be forever grateful. Also mixed in, we received a delivery of tiles, in which about 30% were broken! We celebrated a big birthday (we don't want to talk about it) and David's graduation from preschool. Which means that David has more time to be our bossy "contractor."

Now we are on to drywall, painting, and everything else!


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