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09 / 07 / 2022

How did a year fly by so fast?! We apologize for the lack of updates, but gees, we've been busy...and though it's gone too quickly, we've enjoyed a fantastic first year in our new house.

Let's do a quick recap since our last post!

December. Santa was a day late with the white Christmas, but we rang in our holiday vacation with lots of cheer and snow! We were pretty much snowed into our house for a week, making it out only once to stock up at Costco. But when we didn't want to risk driving back up our hill, we parked in a nearby neighborhood, loaded the groceries on a sled, and hiked back to our house!

February. We updated the laundry room to incorporate wall hooks and shelves with a wood-slat idea that Gretchen found inspiration for on Pinterest, much to Jason's dismay, since he had to build it.

March. Landscaping! And thankfully, we had a company do it all for us! They began with a retaining wall beside our garage and laid all sprinkler lines. We picked out pavers, stones, and lots of plants with the help of a landscape designer. By the end of the month, all of the landscaping was done (except for the walkway pavers), and Jason began constructing our privacy fence and gated yard.

April. Jason finished constructing our fence, and the pavers and grass sod were placed. It turned out 100% better than we ever expected - all because we had excellent landscapers and family to help! We are excited to see our beautiful trees and shrubs mature over the years.

May. We met our neighbors, "Hootie" and "Blowfish," the resident barred owls. They are kind of rude and stare at us all the time, but we don't mind the view.

June. We finished the floating shelves in the den and pulled out our books that had been in boxes since David was born...and then we went on vacation!

July. We figured it was time to start parking our cars in the garage. But to do that, we completely emptied it, cleaned it, and then laid carpet around the perimeter – all in one very long and tiring day. We still plan to fill the parking area with epoxy flooring, hopefully before the rainy season this fall.

And then August was spent going on another vacation (because we deserve it after spending a lot of 2020 and 2021 building this house!), enjoying the fleeting summer days, and relaxing.

After living here for a year, people still have a lot of questions, so our next post will be a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Stay tuned for that coming in the next couple of weeks!


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