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Updated: May 28, 2021

01 / 09 / 2014

Construct paper containers. Proceed to stack in countless orientations. Develop into plans. The containers themselves gave us a module to work with that helped us define our spaces, or else we would never have finished the design. It was easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning stages of design so we had to continually circle back to what matters most to us, and keeping things relatively simple is something we've always strived for. If something started getting too complicated we backtracked until we found a simpler way.

Updated: Dec 5, 2020


We moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the spring of 2013 and immediately knew we could stay here forever. The trees, the mountains, the water, it is so freaking beautiful here we could hardly believe it. Having lived in both Michigan and Southern California beforehand and very large urban areas we were ready to settle down in the quiet 'burbs of Seattle. An hour ferry ride from Seattle but with none of the fuss of a big city, we found Bremerton, WA to be just what we were hoping for.

Not long after we arrived we realized the potential of all the land available here. Building a home in San Diego was a pipe dream, but here in the PNW, it became a real possibility. Being an architect, and an architect drop-out (Gretchen hates rules and regulations, which is why she switched majors from architecture/interior design to graphic design), we knew we had to do something different, and that something standard would never cut it with our acquired design aesthetic.

So we decided to be ass-hats, thought it would be fun and different, and resolved to design our home with shipping containers.


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