02 / 23 / 2021

When people tell you that building your house is stressful, they aren't effing kidding. There has been a lot of profanity, a lot of stress, and many sleepless nights. We could go off the rails bitching about this process, but we'll save that for when it's all over, and we can reflect with clearer minds.

We will say that there was very little progress for almost three months, much to our extreme disappointment and dismay. We finally started seeing some momentum again with the much-awaited installation of steel beams in our living room. Regardless of the delay, we are hopeful that we will meet our summer move-in goal, though that means the next couple of months will be hell.

In the meantime, we have a wood-framed garage, our atrium space has steel beams and columns (finally) welded into position, and some wood in-fill framing between the steel structure. We rented a boom forklift (David and Jason got to drive it!) and a manual material lift to install the beams and steel columns. Welders were onsite for a few days to get everything installed.

Next up, we'll have roof/exterior framing and then roof construction, so we can get moving on plumbing, electrical, and windows installation.

Please send us all the good vibes you can to ensure this project keeps moving! Gretchen will be over here eating her whole bottle of "less-stress" gummies!

12 / 01 / 2020

After battling a rainstorm after a rainstorm (yay PNW!), we finally have concrete slabs in our atrium and garage! With cold temps in the forecast, we had to insulate the slabs overnight to allow the curing process. The next day they saw-cut the control joints.

Now we can get to work on the framing and insulation over the holiday…Happy Holidays everyone, we hope you all stay healthy and warm...we know we'll be freezing our butts off working on this house!

10 / 26 / 2020

With a yard crane, plenty of doughnuts, and a lot of precision planning and coordination, we successfully delivered and placed all seven containers on our home's foundation.

This was a day we've been planning for years, and it was pretty kick-ass to watch the bones of our home getting placed with a yard crane. With the help of a stellar semi-truck delivery driver and an efficient container drop-off and pick-up location, the whole process was smooth and, thankfully, pretty uneventful.

The day after the containers were placed, we had a welder and special inspector on-site to weld the containers permanently to our foundation.


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