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03 / 25 / 2021

To save as much construction cost as possible, we came into this project planning to take on many of the tasks ourselves. Interior framing, for example, has been in our scope, with exterior framing to be tackled by our contractor. Fortunately, we had some helping hands chip in to expedite interior framing and used the experience as an educational opportunity for fellow architects.

Roofing was to be framed by the contractor, with roofing professionals installing the roofing insulation and single-ply PVC membrane on top. Framers laid down the beautiful wood car decking over our atrium (which is our exposed ceiling) and built the framing for insulation on top of the containers. After a bit of a delay and to get the job done, we took on the additional (contractor-changed) scope to add a second sloped roof above the car decking. But at least now, we can rest assured that the house will no longer rain on us.


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